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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Who Has the Best Booth? | FF News at ITI 2024

We’ve all been there.

You’re at a bustling conference, surrounded by a sea of people, each one with their own agenda, and their own story to tell. It’s a cacophony of ideas, innovations, and opportunities. The one thing that can help you cut through the noise and get people talking? A good conference booth.

It was no different at Insurtech Insights Europe. We visited and whilst there spoke to attendees and exhibitors to get their first hand experience of the conference.

In our latest video, we wanted to find out which booths caught their eye. After all, word spreads quickly about unique gimmicks and features.

These little islands of creativity aren’t just spaces to display products or services. The best ones are like mini villages, with their own unique allure.

But why are they so important? Standing out in a bustling conference isn’t easy. Catching your ideal customer’s eye is a task that only a vibrant display, catchy slogan, or something totally out of the ordinary can solve. That’s the magic of a well-designed booth. It’s like a magnet, drawing you in.

That was certainly the case for the people we spoke to. It was the booths that contained something new or looked especially inviting that got mentioned. And of course, some were keen to give a shout out to their own.

It’s so clear how these things have changed. Gone are the days of passive displays. Of course, different companies can only do what their budget allows them to, so there is a cost attached to all this, but there’s still ways of catching people’s attention even with a small stand. It’s an opportunity to get creative! That might involve live demonstrations, interactive games, or even hands-on workshops. The goal is to make attendees feel like they’re part of the action.

And everyone loves a free coffee right? Don’t underestimate the power of freebies. Branded merchandise like pens, stickers, or even tote bags are a good start, but they’re quite predictable. It’s the things that you wouldn’t have expected that stand out. And free food and drink is never going to be unpopular. The good thing about swag is that it serves as a walking advertisement for your brand long after the conference is over.

Want to find out who did it well at Insurtech Insights 2024? Watch the video to discover who used a Formula 1 car and who had the best coffee.

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