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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Emily Fallon Reveals The Real-Life Use Cases For Tyl by NatWest

In this exclusive interview in the FF News Studio Emily Fallon, Head of Customer Experience & Insight at Tyl by NatWest, sits down with Douglas Mackenzie for a conversation about the real-life use cases where Tyl has helped their clients improve their customer experience. Tyl by NatWest aims to provide businesses with the easiest & simplest way to take card payments.

“I shouldn’t have a favourite customer as head of customer, but I have a few that are just really fun to talk about. Brighton Gin is one of them, they’re based out of Brighton. They’re a really good story because they’re a great local distillery. They survived in spite of the pandemic and they have a great product. So if you’re ever out there you can go for a tour of the distillery and sample some of the Gin.”

“So with Brighton Gin, one of the things that they were starting to do was actually go to events and so our card machine that they actually took on board was the clover flex. It has apps that allow you to manage your business remotely and connects to Wi-Fi and all 3G & 4G. They were telling us as they would go to these events and the Wi-Fi that they were promised wasn’t there, then before they couldn’t take payments. But with the Clover Flex, they always have that security that they can take payments.”

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