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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Devin Chawda – ARMD Limited – Insurtech Insights Europe 2023

At Insurtech Insights Europe, we were joined in the JobsOhio lounge by Devin Chawda, CEO of ARMD Limited. ARMD Limited are an insurtech company that provides services to tradespeople such as electricians or heating engineers.

“We came across this market for my previous business. I had a smart IOT technology company. We made smart security alarm cameras and we were selling to tradespeople at the time. So, they kept coming to us saying well, can I use this technology inside my vans to protect my tools? That’s when we were first made aware of the issue and the scale of the issue.”

“It’s a huge problem. For example, tools get stolen every 19 minutes here in the UK. So, it’s a massive issue with not very much being done about it and tradespeople are massively under-protected and underserved.”

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