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About Techsembly

Techsembly is an e-commerce SaaS solution and trusted partner for hotels looking to create new revenue streams and optimise operations through our marketplace and hotel management platform. Designed for leading hotel groups with a portfolio of properties around the world, activate your digital journey with new online storefronts in just one click. Unify multi-departments and nurture collaboration with our centralised dashboard, while offering regional teams separate control and access to each store-front to optimise localisation strategies. Review holistic data and turn consumer data into insights. Track non-room revenue and understand the impact on strategies to empower future decisions. Curate your own marketplace with localised offerings to respect different cultures by celebrating all occasions to stay close to your customers. Adapt products, promotion and content to the market without the need of developers, and receive full support from the Techsembly team in the development of your e-commerce store. Deliver a seamless customer journey from bookings to personalised experiences and convert one night stays into a repeated lifestyle destination hub for your fans today.

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