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About Striga

Striga (formerly Lastbit) provides financial services infrastructure for companies in the crypto, banking & issuing space. Traditionally the cost & time associated with launching a FinTech solution whether it is a neo-bank, a business banking product or a platform has been absurdly high and complex. This is compounded 10x if you are a company that has an element of crypto in your business. We’re tearing down the walls and helping businesses get their application built on the Striga platform, approved and live in as fast as a single week with near-zero fees and hassle. The unique advantage here is the settlements infrastructure under the hood built on Bitcoin. This enables to think global from day one and enabling multi-currency accounts or multi-currency card products in different geographies can be achieved with a single button click and zero setup time and compliance hassle. The Striga platform is a product that evolved as a cumulative effort of the Lastbit line of products launched operated throughout 2019 and 2020, which was the first ever physical instant Bitcoin powered debit MasterCard on the planet. With increasing demand for the platform powering the Lastbit applications, Striga aims to solve this problem for the hottest new FinTechs that wish to embed crypto-banking into their applications.

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