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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

About SpenDebt

Two black engineers found themselves in over $100,000 of consumer debt shortly after college graduation. Debt was nothing new to them, as growing up in single parent homes, it was engraved in them that “you would always owe someone”. Determined to break the generational curses which preceded them, the couple decided to come up with a game plan to get out of debt. Because trying to save money with $100K in debt was a lose-lose situation. The initial step was hiring a financial advisor and coming face-to-face with the number of loans and the amounts owed. If there was any feeling of embarrassment or being ashamed, being transparent together as a couple made the exercise far more invaluable and deepened their personal relationship beyond numbers on a piece of paper. By leveraging Dave Ramsey’s principles, the debts were prioritized from smallest to largest including interest rates and the couple set a goal of when they wanted to become debt free. In addition, they set a realistic budget and their journey to becoming debt free began. Seven years later and the couple became debt free! In sharing their testimony with family and friends, they realized that others were suffering from the same debt burdens. God gave the vision to SpenDebt’s Founder to create a tool to help people pay off debt in parallel with their spending habits. The Co-Founder completed a simulation to test the idea and SpenDebt was born. Without becoming debt free, the now married couple would not have had the opportunity to see beyond the debt and provide a tool to allow people to become debt free. The couple is on a mission to turn generational curses into generational wealth. Becoming debt free not only increases your bank account but it opens doors and provides the ability for you to make a greater impact on the world. Start your legacy with SpenDebt.

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