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The ambition of the ScaleUp Institute is that Britain becomes the most fertile ground for businesses, not only to start up but to scale up and grow. The ScaleUp Institute is a private sector-led, not-for-profit organisation focused on collaborating with policymakers, corporates, finance players, educators, and the Government at a local and national level. Scaleups exist across the country and across all sectors. Increasing the number of firms reaching scale has the potential to deliver hundreds and thousands of additional jobs and billions to the local economy and drive forward productivity in every community. Evidence shows these businesses are also highly productive and international. The UK needs to focus determinedly on how it ‘leans in’ to support its growing firms to scale. We aim to advance understanding of how to scale up a business, and how to build the most effective environment in which scale-ups can flourish. We spread best practices, providing opportunities for scale-up companies across industry sectors and regions to meet and share ideas. We undertake research, thought leadership, and targeted projects with partners. Furthermore, we work with policymakers to identify opportunities that will support scale-up businesses. We share our methodology and ideas to create resources that will help aspiring scale-up businesses. We keep scale-ups and their issues at the top of the UK political and business agenda. The UK’s future economic prosperity and social well-being are critically dependent upon our being a world-leading environment in which companies thrive after they have been started, enabling the opportunity to reach and scale and contributing positive impact for generations to come. Making the UK a fertile ground for developing such businesses across localities, industries, and supply chains is fundamental to achieving both immediate and long-term UK economic value.

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