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Sunday, May 26, 2024
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About right. based on science

The pioneering °C data provider: right. based on science GmbH (right.) provides transparency on the climate impact of economic activities – plain & simple in °C. Our aim is that climate-related decisions are guided by the best available science. Specialized and high-quality data for various key stakeholders: Our software and metrics enable actors from the real economy, finance, and real estate to plot pathways to 1.5°C alignment. Founded in 2016 by Hannah Helmke and Dr. Sebastian Müller right. is a pioneer of ‘temperature alignment’ or ‘implied temperature rise’ (ITR) metrics. We developed the X-Degree Compatibility (XDC) Model to calculate the climate impact of e.g. companies, buildings, and financial portfolios (private & listed equity, bonds, sovereign bonds). The central question: How much global warming would occur by 2050 if the whole world performed as the entity in question? Results are expressed as tangible degree Celsius values, allowing a direct benchmarking against the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming to 1.5°C or, at least, well below 2°C. Customers use our web-based software tools to ° conduct forward-looking scenario analysis (TCFD recommended), ° measure Portfolio Alignment (TCFD recommended), ° evaluate the efficacy of their climate targets, ° integrate science-based climate KPIs into their decision-making & investment processes, ° steer their transition to 1.5°C alignment. Our interdisciplinary team of over 35 experts is dedicated to continually expanding and improving the XDC Model, its robustness, data coverage, and user-friendly application. Our shared aim is to help shape a future in which economic success is no longer dependent on emissions. The XDC Model is science-based, peer-reviewed and has been available for free use to academia since 2019 through the project right. open (20+ research projects to date). It will be released as an open-source application in 2021. In 2020, right. received the Next Economy Award.


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