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Friday, March 31, 2023
City Week 2023

About Osper

Osper thinks young people are smart – and can do amazing things if we give them the tools. Especially when it comes to the business of managing money. In fact, we think it’s important they’re exposed to the reality of it early. That’s why we’ve set up Osper, a mobile banking service that gives children as young as 8 a safe way to learn to by doing. The young person gets a debit card that their parent tops up weekly or monthly with their budget. The card can be used in shops, at cash machines and online. Both parent and child get an app that allows them to track spending on the card together. We’re already helping tens of thousands of young people becoming confident in managing money, and our journey has only just begun. Fancy joining the learning revolution? We’re hiring – have a look here: https://osper.com/jobs.

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