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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Crédit du Nord Group | Fintech Finance

Crédit du Nord Group

About Crédit du Nord Group

The Crédit du Nord Group is made up of eight regional banks - Courtois, Kolb, Laydernier, Nuger, Rhône-Alpes, Société Marseillaise de Crédit, Tarneaud and Crédit du Nord -, and a brokerage firm, Gilbert Dupont.

The Group's 9,500 employees and its network of 915 branches serve more than 2.1 million Individual customers, 228,000 Professionals and 47,000 Businesses.

The various entities of the Crédit du Nord Group enjoy a great deal of autonomy in the management of their activity, which is expressed in particular through rapid decision-making and great responsiveness to their customers' requests.

The strategy of the Group's banks is based on three key elements:

- be a benchmark player in terms of the quality of customer relations;

- develop a high level of individual and collective professionalism;

- make the most advanced services and technologies available to their customers.

The quality and solidity of Crédit du Nord Group's results are recognized by the market and confirmed by the long-term rating of A assigned by Standard & Poor’s and A assigned by Fitch.

The Crédit du Nord Group is the heir to the merger of nearly 80 regional establishments which, for more than 160 years, have pooled their strengths and talents. It is now a 100% subsidiary of Societe Generale.

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