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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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EXCLUSIVE: "Bit up, Bit down... but still going strong' - Ron Delnevo in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Bitcoin is now in its 13th year. But will 2022 be a crypt-astrophe for some? […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Out of APP-rica!" - Diego Gutierrez, Vodacom in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Africa’s mobile money transfer service M-Pesa has led the world once – can it do […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Designing for an inclusive future" - Sue Scott in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Technology doesn’t discriminate; people do. If banking apps and services were built to be used […]

EXCLUSIVE: "A young country's view" - Julius Nyerere Ngesa, Diamond Trust Bank in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Julius Nyerere Ngesa, Head of Digital Banking at Diamond Trust Bank, reflects on how culture […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Spain's Senior Moment" - Luis Castillo and Nuria Domínguez Soto, SeniorsLeading in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Spain is positioning itself as Europe’s ‘centre for silver fintech’. Among those leading the charge […]

EXCLUSIVE: "In with the new...out with the old?" - Alex King in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Alex King asks whether youthful neobanks have alienated the very generation that could guarantee their […]

EXCLUSIVE: "'Remote' Banking" - Duncan Cockburn, OneBanks Hub in 'The Paytech Magazine'

OneBanks Hub is attempting to restore the ‘face of banking’ with a physical presence in […]

EXCLUSIVE: "One-stop shop" - Andrew Mitchell, JCB in 'The Paytech Magazine'

In order to thrive, retailers should prioritise providing their customers with instant gratification in every […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Hey, big Boomer! Spend a little time with me?" - Natasha de Terán in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Meet your customers where they are’ is business logic 101. Fintechs are doing very well […]

EXCLUSIVE: "The rationale for real time" - George Evers, Mastercard in "The Paytech Magazine"

There are various motivations for implementing real-time payment systems. ‘Speed’ merely scratches the surface, writes […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Road to Somewhere" - Paul Wong, Stellar in "The Paytech Magazine"

Paul Wong from Stellar believes digital currencies and their supporting technology are about to open […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Hakuna matatu" - Frank Molla, BPC in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Better social mobility is the greatest gift payments can give Africa’s people, says BPC‘s Frank […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Instant Gratification" - Mark Buitenhek, ING and Dome Scaffidi, Volante Technologies in 'The Paytech Magazine'

The world of payments is moving at warp speed and providers must keep up, or […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Payments Special Ops" - Tracy Fletcher in 'The Paytech Magazine'

As the Ukrainian/Russian war continues, the sanctions stakes are getting higher. Companies need to roll […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Time to Share" - Charles de Rougé, Bottomline and Nicole Coates, PSR in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Bottomline’s Charles de Rougé and Nicole Coates from PSR discuss how mutual support is the […]

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