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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Exclusive: 'Inside stories'

Alasdair Paterson sneaks between the covers of Chris Skinner’s upcoming, intimate look at five banks’ […]

Exclusive: 'Run for cover' - Ingo Weber, Digital Insurance Group in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Given banks’ privileged insight into the lives of their customers, are they leveraging bancassurance fast […]

Exclusive: 'All aboard the insurtech express' - Nikolaus Sühr, Kasko in "The Insurtech Magazine"

An inefficient network for distributing insurance products makes for a frustrating ride for consumers. Nikolaus Sühr, […]

Exclusive: 'A league of their own' - Hannah Duncan, Wales in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Wales isn’t just good at rugby, it’s an all-important Number 8 in the insurtech scrum. […]

Exclusive: 'Reverse-gear' - Gavin Sewell, Honcho in "The Insurtech Magazine"

As CEO of Honcho, Gavin Sewell is helping to steer a new insurance distribution model […]

Exclusive: 'Got your back' - Mark Bradbury, Apply Financial in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Apply Financial’s straight-through processing tools have helped insurers in the West save millions in back-office […]

Exclusive: 'Change forecast' - Renaud Dumora, BNP Paribas Cardif in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Amid the tectonic plate shifting going on in insurance, BNP Paribas Cardif Chief Executive Officer […]

Exclusive: 'Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's super agent! - William Carson, Ascensos in "The Insurtech Magazine"

In our world of tech-enabled customer experience, a new hero is emerging, says William Carson, […]

Exclusive: 'The Insuretech Effect' - Zac Cohen, Trulioo in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Zac Cohen, COO of identity verification provider Trulioo, looks at what digitisation means for insurance […]

Exclusive: Q&A with David Williams, AXA in "The Insurtech Magazine"

The insurance industry has been slow to see things through a customer lens, but now […]

Exclusive: "Joinedupthinking" - Rahul Singh, HCL Technologies in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Rahul Singh, President and Global Head of Financial Services, HCL Technologies, on how modern insurers create a connected enterprise for a digital world

Exclusive: 'Meeting Fire with Fire (and an open API)' - Esben Toftdahl Nielsen, Penni.io in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Esben Toftdahl Nielsen, Co-founder of Penni.io and an advisor to the Open Insurance Initiative,on the best defence against the aggregators

Exclusive: FF & Alissa Knight in "The Insurtech Magazine"

Alissa Knight’s new book is a how-to guide for hacking autonomous cars. Why? Because everyone should know where the weak spots are… including insurers

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