Sunday, June 16, 2024

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TCF 2019 Summary

The Fintech Finance team heads over to Temenos Community Forum in The Hague to talk […]

TCF 2019: Josh Verrill, NuoDB

We speak to Josh Verrill, NuoDB about the limitations of cloud, partner of Temenos and ecosystem.

TCF 2019: Ryan Gosling, Callsign

We speak to Ryan Gosling, Callsign about the event, helping banks and authentication.

TCF 2019: Coffee Time with Manoj Khera

We speak with Manoj Khera, from Capgemini, again… But with a twist! Manoj interviews Ali about […]

TCF 2019: Tea Time with Ben Robinson

We speak to Ben Robinson, from Temenos about how has the TCF event developed from the […]

TCF 2019: Suchen Janjale and James Parker, Banktech

We speak to Suchen Janjale and James Parker, Banktech about the event, their product and QR […]

TCF 2019: Sebastian Kuntz, Belleron

We speak to Sebastian Kuntz, Belleron about the event and problem-solving in the industry.

TCF 2019: Christoph Witte, Raisin GmbH

We speak to Christoph Witte, Raisin GmbH about the event, acquiring a bank and marketplace distribution.

TCF 2019: April Rudin, The Rudin Group

We speak to April Rudin, The Rudin Group about being at the event, key trends and […]

TCF 2019: Alan Blanchard, Apiax

We speak to Alan Blanchard, Apiax about their plans for 2019 and the event.

TCF 2019: Mark Jenkins, Autoform

We speak to Mark Jenkins, Autoform about Temenos marketplace ecosystem, the biggest issue in the market […]

TCF 2019: Mathieu Cambou, EdgeLab

We speak to Mathieu Cambou, EdgeLab about the event, implementation of T24 and the biggest problem […]

TCF 2019: Paul Jones, HID Global

We speak to Paul Jones, HID Global about being at the event, marketplace model and digital […]

TCF 2019: Manoj Khera, Capgemini

We speak to Manoj Khera, Capgemini about being at the event, relationship with Temenos and T24.

TCF 2019: Nasir Zubairi, The LHoFT

We speak to Nasir Zubairi, The LHoFT about the launch of FIN5LAB, customers and the event.

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