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Friday, April 19, 2024

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Ioana Guiman, Allevo

We talk to Ioana Guiman from Allevo about open banking in Europe and Australia

Sibos 2018: Alessandro Petroni, Red Hat

We talk to Alessandro Petroni, Red Hat about what brings them to Sibos, their focus and […]

Sibos 2018: Benjamin Henshall, Red Hat

We talk to Benjamin Henshall, Red Hat about banks, transformations and more!

VLOG: starting Payments Race... AND SIBOS AND M2020... on the same week!

VLOG: starting Payments Race… AND SIBOS AND M2020… on the same week!

Sibos 2018: Makoto Takemiya, Soramitsu

We talk to Makoto Takemiya, Soramitsu about their project, blockchain and more!

Sibos 2018: Alexander Yakovlev, National Settlement Depository

We talk to Alexander Yakovlev, National Settlement Depository about blockchain, Swift and more!

Sibos 2018: Sergey Metelskiy, DIASOFT LTD.

We talk to Sergey Metelskiy, DIASOFT LTD. about Sibos, banks, scalability and more!

Sibos 2018: Vivekanand Ramgopal, TCS BaNCS

We talk to Vivekanand Ramgopal, TCS BaNCS at Sibos 2018 about the event, product launches, customers […]

Sibos 2018: Alexis Thompson, BBVA

We talk to Alexis Thompson, BBVA about their opportunity, clients, networking and more!

Sibos 2018: Paul Ruskin, Trace Financial

We talk to Paul Ruskin, Trace Financial about Sibos, company, payments and more!

Sibos 2018: Amit Dua, Suntec Group

We talk to Amit Dua, Suntec Group about Sibos, future, clients and more!

Sibos 2018: Benjamin Karsch, Accenture

We talk to Benjamin Karsch, Accenture  about the company, fintech labs, start up companies and more!

Sibos 2018: Eli Rosner, Finastra

We talk to Eli Rosner, Finastra about technology, fraud, cyber security and more!

Sibos 2018: Paul Thomalla, Finastra

We talk to Paul Thomalla, Finastra about the event, payments, on being efficient and more!

Sibos 2018: Rodolphe Meyer, STET

We talk to Rodolphe Meyer, STET about their products, scalability and more!

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