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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Exclusive: ‘The Natural Navigator’ – Samantha Seaton, Moneyhub in “Swashbucklers 2020”

Samantha Seaton needs no introduction! But we’ll do it anyway. She’s the trailblazing, equestrian-loving, CEO of Moneyhub. We love her down-to-earth attitude and sky-high ambitions. Go on Seaton! This swashbuckler has a good eye for capturing future trends in fintech. She’s strategic, self-starting and all-round spectacular. Samantha Seaton, Moneyhub | Fintech Finance

In our ship, we see her plotting the map and charting the course for the bounties ahead.

Leading the way for open banking

Who hasn’t heard of open banking? Well… probably most people, but in our industry it’s a huge, deal. Getting bigger every day. 73% of UK financial institutions are interested in the movement, compared to just 48% this time last year. And who was there when this momentous movement was first conjured? None other than our Natural Navigator, Samantha Seaton. We asked about her favourite achievements, and like a shot she pinged back with, “Being at the very heart of the creation of the Open Banking APIs (special shout-out to Dave Tonge, our CTO) from the very beginning way back in 2014”.

Unveiling the powers of open banking was a special moment for Seaton. “Dan Scholey (Moneyhub’s COO) and I showed the first live, real Open Banking payment (PIS) at the first Open Banking Excellence meet-up in London”, she explained.  “And much to everyone else’s amazement, it actually worked. That was the moment I knew the world of financial services had changed and changed forever”. It had indeed!   

A true adventurer

Throughout this magazine we’ve created analogies between fintech and the theme of swashbucklers (not sure if anyone noticed…?). But with Seaton, we can give our creative brains a rest as she really is a legend on horseback. This Swashbuckler has been galloping to the rescue even before she was involved in fintech, and it’s still one of her main passions. We couldn’t resist asking about her proudest moments. “Competing internationally in my highly addictive equestrian sport of three-day eventing”, she revealed. “Particularly at Badminton (jumping the infamous Vicarage V), and Burghley (jumping the largest open ditch and hedge in the world) here in the UK”. We love that! No long faces here! 

But that’s not Samantha Seaton’s only extra-curricular activity. Just when you thought she was a bit too impressive to be real, she whips this comment out of the bag, “I’m so excited to be at the forefront of Open Finance: releasing the world’s first Charitable Donation with Gift Aid built-in via Open Banking, and driving people to understand their Retirement options with the world’s first lifestyle-focussed pension modeller and dashboard powered by Open Banking”. Wow. Just wow. We love Seaton’s impeccable sense of direction, so it’s no wonder she’s the navigator of our ship.

Where’s next on the map?

So where is this Natural Navigator cantering off to next? We asked Seaton more. “There is just too much I want to do and nowhere near enough time to do it all!”, Seaton explained.  “I really want to automate money management and make sure every penny works as hard as it can for each and every one of us with as little effort as possible!”. We hear you Seaton. We hear you.

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 9

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