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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Exclusive: ‘The Daring Developer’ – Nina Mohanty, Klarna in “Swashbucklers 2020”

Strategist. Business Developer. Public Speaker. Podcast Host. 2018 Payments Race Winner (whoop whoop!). And now guest editor of our Fintech Finance magazine. We just can’t get enough of Nina Mohanty’s go-getting spirit. From Starling to Klarna she’s got a finger in every fintech pie you can imagine. And she’s absolutely smashing it. We love her, and we couldn’t have our swashbuckling ship hitting the open waves without Mohanty in. Nina Mohanty, Klarna | Fintech Finance

Strategically expanding fintechs

Mohanty’s covered a lot of ground already, and we only have around 500 words. We asked her to name her top achievement. “Helping Starling Bank launch the current account in the months coming out of beta”, she pinged back. “It was such a crazy fun time and I learned so much working closely with the incredible team there. I also made lifelong friends during my time at Starling so I’m always grateful for that”.

Well Mohanty’s in good company, with two fellow Starlings onboard! She also spoke about how she first got started in the world of fintech. “While at Bud, I had the chance to take on the planning of our payments infrastructure”, she explains. “It was daunting, and I really didn’t know where to start so I turned to our wonderful Fintech community. I learned a massive amount in the short course of several months speaking to experts, vendors, and more. It was definitely one of the crowning moments of my time there”. We couldn’t agree more, the fintech community are amazing. Well, mostly. We love you guys!

Always putting the customer first 

For Mohanty, that initial dip into fintech sparked a vibrant career. Her approach is warm and refreshing, and that’s exactly what we need more of in this industry. “Everything I do, I do with my heart, and as much as I can give”, she reveals. “My mother has always told me from a young age, “You must have a good heart.” That is my North Star”. Mohanty’s style of strategy is strikingly customer-centric.

And that, we suspect, might be the key to her success as a business developer. “We, in Fintech, often forget our end customers and how we have to make things work for them, not just for ourselves”, Mohanty elaborates. “All the coolest payment technology is of no use if people don’t understand it or can’t use it”. Well said Mohanty!

What does the future hold?

For the future, Mohanty’s going to continue branching out with new projects, all of which have her signature people-first approach written all over them. “Something I am trying to do is work with more charities… I’ve been approached about becoming a NED (Non-executive director) for a few businesses and that has been both flattering but entirely new to me. I hope to take on a NED role in the near future!

And finally, I’ve been building a side project this past year around financial inclusion. Who knows if it’ll ever become a proper business! But for now, it brings me a lot of joy to work on something that is all mine”. We think Mohanty is the one to watch. The dark horse. We suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mohanty in the coming years as she continues to accelerate growth for fintechs. Go Mohanty!

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 20

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