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Exclusive: ‘Master of Must-See Events’ – Tracey Davies, Money2020 in “Swashbucklers 2020”

What’s fintech without its festivals, talks and panels? The pitching opportunities, keynote speakers and networking forums – they’re such an essential part of our world. It’s how new ideas get sparked and magical partnerships are first conjured-up. Someone who’s been at the very heart of such initiatives is the esteemed Tracey Davies, President of Money2020. Tracey Davies, Money2020 | Fintech Finance

Think of her as the circus master within our midst. The brains behind the stage curtains. The great events organiser. As we shortlisted the most promising swashbucklers for our ship, we couldn’t dream of missing out Tracey Davies.

Helping fintechs grow

Tracey Davies… Where to begin? She grabbed a-hold of financial events back in 2016 and worked away at them like a rough puff pastry chef, transforming them into something spectacular. Her events are polished, finessed and with all the wonderful razzle dazzle you could dream of. Davies made Money2020 global, which she told us was one of her greatest achievements so far. We were touched by what drives her to keep making it better. “I love hearing about companies that started at Money20/20”, Davies reveals.

“Maybe in the Pitch competition or in our Start Up City who go onto to huge success. Airwallex started on Start Up Row Vegas, Plaid spoke on one of the smallest Europe stages only 3 years ago etc etc. I love that we have been at the start of so many Companies journeys”. We did a little snooping off the back of this. Turns out unicorn Airwallex, which was listed last year as one of KPMG’s top 40 fintechs in the world, is now a regular at Money2020. And open-banking integrations giant Plaid is now a Money2020 sponsor! Nice one Davies!

Events which empower women

Davies is no stranger to the live events scene; she’s got a background of organising award-winning functions in retail. And this, we think, is why she’s so good. But what we especially love is her focus on advancing the careers of women. It’s a toughie for women in finance, and things need to improve. In 2018, she founded an initiative to do something about it, Rise Up. She explained more, “The Money20/20 programme to campaign for and empower the next generation of leaders has been a key personal achievement for me”. A quick search online and you can see that she means business, last year she unveiled a five-point plan to help women specifically in the Asian region, as Rise Up expanded globally. 

This Swashbuckler created Rise Up to give women the tools needed to grow in the industry and inspire others. Working with partners such as EWPN and WNET, Davies creates cutting-edge events with a purpose. Davies, you legend.

What’s next?

So, what’s the future of events? We went straight in with the question, and expected to hear something about the power of virtual. And we were totally wrong. Well that showed us! Davies predicts that live events will be making a bigger and better comeback once the pandemic clears. 

“The future looks like live events”, she elaborates. “Digital has been exciting and it will leave a strong legacy for live events for extending shows, warming up for shows, connecting ahead of shows- but you simply can’t replace the power and magic of live – business events, theatre or music- so my amazing project coming up is Money20/20 coming back in 2021”. We can’t wait for the next Money2020 and Rise Up events. Save us a seat, Davies? 

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 21

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