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Exclusive: ‘Marketing Musketeer’ – April Rudin, The Rudin Group in “Swashbucklers 2020”

As founder of The Rudin Group, and number one online influencer for Wealth Management (according to Onalytica), April Rudin is one hell of a marketer. She’s been pushing the boundaries and livening up drab campaigns since 1983. We love her. Rudin practically wrote the rules on Millennial Marketing in our industry, and even co-authored the WealthTECH book in 2018. From strategy to social posts, Rudin is a one-stop-shop of marketing marvels. This year she’s continued to push the boat out with ballsy campaigns and social prowess. April Rudin | Fintech Finance

We’re delighted to welcome April Rudin to our savvy ship of 2020 Swashbucklers, as our esteemed Marketing Musketeer.

All for one and  one for marketing!

We picture Rudin leaping through windows, swinging off chandeliers, landing on a horse, saving the day and galloping off to the next adventure… all while singing a cheerful shanty. She loves to plunge into the unknown and rescue floundering projects with style. “My favourite David Bowie quote is, ‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring’”, Rudin reveals.

“The work that we do is truly differentiated from other marketing firms. We ALWAYS add a new twist to what our clients are thinking about for campaigns or brands. It is that type of “different” thinking and approach that makes it come out differently and more engaging. It is quite different from what internal marketing teams might do (lather, rinse and repeat messaging and campaigns)”.  We hear you Rudin, we want to end the lather, rinse, repeat cycle too. Rudin is a breath of fresh air in our industry, she adds that little pop of magic that we need to keep going. Like a morning coffee or surprise five pound note crunched up in the pocket, she invigorates wealth.

Targeting Millennials

“My top three achievements”, begins Rudin; “Are the births of my two millennials sons and, then, my global financial services/fintech/wealthtech marketing firm. The first two births opened my eyes to opportunity in financial services marketing as firms especially in wealth had old, dusty cliched brands with run-of-the-mill marketing tactics”.  Well, this Marketing Musketeer went straight into that mill, fired away at every cog and blew up a few sacks of flour too. 

Rudin has set out to make marketing memorable in a distinctly Millennial way. She’s been hugely inspired and motivated by her two sons on this journey. “My most impressive non-business accomplishment is raising my two handsome, smart sons – one of whom works for a traditional financial services firm but interned at a few fintechs. He will be back!”. We couldn’t agree more- come back Rudin junior!

What’s next? 

So what’s the next adventure for this swashbuckling musketeer? Well, according to Rudin, there’s plenty to look forward to. “We have so many amazing projects that we are planning for 2021. Wealth Management has seen that the pandemic has forced a permanent shift to digital and created a “marketing moment” with clients!”.

So, grab your ear muffs and stay away from mills, Rudin is out on a mission.

This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 18

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