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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Exclusive: ‘A real revolution-starter’ – Smriti Tomar, Stack Finance in “Swashbucklers 2020”

What did you do when you were 23? Party all night, then crawl to some lame admin job all day? Yeah, us too. But Smriti Tomar? She founded a fintech. Bam. Founded. A. Fintech. At 23. WTF. Smriti Tomar, Stack | Fintech Finance

Smriti Tomar is so wildly successful that you kind of want to hate her, but you can’t because she’s so genuinely lovely too. Gaaaahhh. She’s just one of those people.

Most 23-year olds on the street will have a good knowledge of Tinder and a well-used overdraft. Tomar’s won a founder’s award on Tinder and created her own financial service.  How could we not include the trailblazing Smriti Tomar on our 2020 Swashbucklers crew? 

Bringing financial literacy to India

Tomar’s app, Stack Finance is a one-stop-shop to help India’s 440 million Millennials manage all their finances neatly and smoothly. At the moment, India is officially (sorry India) one of the worst rated countries in terms of financial literacy. Just 24% of the adult population is financially literate, compared to 67% in the UK. And Tomar is just not feeling it. No siree. Her and her team are cooking up some real change, which has the potential to transform the lives of millions. Team Stack! 

“We aim to reimagine personal finance in India- the land of millennials”, she tells us. 

Tomar was first inspired to help people make the most of their finances back when she was a student. Like a couple of years ago(!). And then she just went for it. It’s that simple. This is why we love her. We all have ideas and big ambitions, right? We want to write a book, or start a school, or plant more trees, or open a snake sanctuary… Maybe not the last one. Eeechh. But how many of us actually DO it? How many of us shift our bums into gear and make it happen? Smriti Tomar saw an opportunity and now she’s developed an award-winning fintech to help the masses. Just like that. What a massive legend.   

Bringing fintech into the future

And you know something else, Tomar’s really insightful. We asked her about the best things she’s learned on her journey so far. She pinged back with this gem, “No matter what the situation is, even if it’s an economic or social or political crisis, fintech keeps thriving… And not just that, fintech never saturates in terms of innovation”. 

It’s like talking to a wise old owl. Except Tomar is a vibrant and charismatic Generation Z. It’s a mind-bender! 

For the future, Smriti and her strapping Stack Finance team plan to carry on smashing it. They’ll be expanding the app and continuing their mission to make India’s millennials financially fabulous. We’re excited to see how Stack Finance turns out. If the app really can transform the finances of India’s largest generation, it could be a serious game-changer for the economy. We’re not messing around, when we say that Tomar is a revolution-starter.


This article was published in Swashbucklers 2020, Page 16

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