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Sunday, April 14, 2024
Raad Ahmed | Founder, CEO @ Lawtrades | Fintech Finance

Raad Ahmed

Founder, CEO

About Raad Ahmed

What if the legal industry didn’t have a century of precedent, the burden of the billable hour, or a partnership hierarchy where only a few people at the top got rich?

The Industrial Revolution and centralized institutions made us extremely hierarchical because one person couldn’t necessarily own or build a firm, but now, thanks to the internet, we’re going back to an age where more and more people can work for themselves.

This future will help us work collectively and break down the size of law firms from thousands to hundreds to dozens and eventually to just one.

In this new world, lawyers don’t need to rely on law firms for the infrastructure that they have traditionally provided. They can build a direct relationship with clients and monetize in new ways with uncapped upside. It’s an entirely new form of entrepreneurship that’s wild and free of corporate constraints.

To realize this potential, Lawtrades is doing the difficult-but-necessary work of creating an internet-first global workforce so companies can execute faster. We take pride in enabling legal teams to work in the spotlight by solving complex legal issues through technology that would otherwise hold them back.

We believe it’s our responsibility to arm this next generation of professionals with the tools they need to participate and thrive in the new internet economy.

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