" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> Zentist Launches Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Automation Software
Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Zentist Launches Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Automation Software

Zentist, the automated dental insurance claims processing platform, today announced the launch of Remit AI, explanation of benefits (EOB) automation software for dental practices and dental support organizations (DSOs) in the United States.

An EOB is a record provided by payers that details dental services delivered to patients, their associated costs, which procedures and services are covered under a patient’s dental plan, and which are not. The EOB statement is vital in appealing denied claims, ensuring accurate payment posting, and communicating charges to patients.

EOBs are available in both electronic and paper format. In a dental practice, paper copies are typically scanned and manually added to patient charts which is a time-consuming process. Digital versions – the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – may be accessed via individual insurance company portals or through select clearinghouses. Many practices and DSOs struggle to fully adopt ERAs as they require managing multiple secure log-ins and often entail tedious enrollment processes.

Remit AI automates the gathering and consolidation of insurance payments by logging into patient insurance portals and collecting EOB and ERA information – from dozens of dental payers. The software utilizes artificial intelligence to parse and organize data from multiple sources into a standardized format for easy payment posting and historical referencing.

“We have taken all the payment data coming from payers and clearinghouses and added our own standardization layer to make the posting process as straightforward as possible. With this technology, we are able to help practices post insurance payments seamlessly,” said Jim Lesko, Vice President of Engineering at Zentist.

Dental practices and DSOs will be able to manage all insurance logins and their respective EOBs from a single dashboard. Through Remit AI, EOBs are made searchable by patient name, date of service, and other criteria while outstanding or incomplete payment information is quickly and easily identifiable. Furthermore, practices on software which Zentist has integrated with can take advantage of automated payment posting back into the practice management software.

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