Saturday, June 15, 2024

Wedge Partners with Cardlytics to Add Cash Back to New Smart Debit Card

Today Wedge, the first spending app that lets users pay for everyday purchases with any asset using a smart debit card, announces a new rewards program, powered by Cardlytics. By partnering with Cardlytics, a cash back offer platform with hundreds of brands and retail partners, Wedge is furthering their vision of spending smarter in real-time. The recently launched smart debit card is a first of its kind for offering the ability to use assets for everyday spending, giving users the ability to benefit from market movements of over 2,000 different stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Cardlytics creates an instant, automatic rewards experience for consumers earning cash back on everyday purchases. With no sign up required, Wedge users can now find personalized offers, notification when they get cash back at more than 20,000 merchants from big box retailers to local restaurants, and cash deposited automatically into their Wedge account.

“Wedge is changing how people access and utilize their assets, revolutionizing the way everyday spending happens,” said Wedge CEO, Billy Roberts. “Cardlytics is the leader in transaction-based rewards technology making them the perfect partner for our platform. The ability to earn cash back when you shop, dine or travel, automatically, is just what our users expect from their go-to spending tool, and we’re excited to add the best automatic cash back company to our ecosystem.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Wedge to connect their community of users with our offers, driving engagement, while also delivering cash back on everyday purchases” said Farrell Hudzik, EVP, Financial Institutions, Cardlytics. “Wedge is revolutionizing how consumers utilize and access their assets by removing the friction between trading and spending allowing users to responsibly put their money to work for them. Integrating a cash back program that incentivizes good financial planning will make an undeniable impact for the Wedge user base,” said Hudzik.

Wedge launched in November of 2021, offering a first for financial technology lovers by changing how consumers use their assets like stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies. Wedge users are able to put their money to work in the markets without sacrificing liquidity, allowing them to capitalize on market movements any time they make a purchase. When the Wedge smart debit card is used for a transaction, the user is sent a notification that enables them to pay for the purchase using any asset, or a combination of assets, from within their Wedge wallet, along with real-time information that details the savings of using certain assets compared to cash. Now, with the addition of automatic rewards, powered by Cardlytics, Wedge continues to consolidate financial services within a common framework by giving users more and more ways to spend smartly.

“The capacity to use assets strategically for everyday transactions in a simple, frictionless way, is the next evolution in the way people manage their finances,” said Roberts. “For the first time people can consolidate their finances under one roof, and put their money to work in the markets in a way that doesn’t limit access to funds in real-time. As a result, every time a cup of coffee is purchased with the Wedge smart debit card is an opportunity to get rewards, and capitalize on market movements.”

To learn more about Wedge and how to get the most out of your assets through everyday spending, visit

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