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Sunday, April 14, 2024

DriveWealth Launches Options Trading Worldwide

DriveWealth, LLC, a global fintech and pioneer in fractional investing, announced today the launch of options trading in its platform used by hundreds of partners around the world. DriveWealth is now enabling access to trade options against stock and ETF securities through its API.

Options trading is the practice of buying or selling options contracts – the agreements that give the options holder the choice to buy or sell a collection of underlying securities at a set price by a specific date.

“Options trading is one of the more complex investing products our partners can offer to their customers,” noted Bob Cortright, CEO and Founder of DriveWealth. “Our team of experts from the intersection of financial services and technology streamlines this process and makes it easy for our partners to launch options trading.”

In navigating the complexity of options trading, DriveWealth has done the heavy lifting for its partners. DriveWealth has built many of the components needed to offer options trading, such as market data, order execution, clearing and settlement, commissions, exercise and assignment, tax reporting and more.

Specifically, what differentiates DriveWealth’s options trading product is its commitment to three key areas:

  1. Options Trading Strategies. DriveWealth supports the most popular options trading strategies with the ability to diversify, speculate, hedge, and use leverage through buying calls and put options contracts.
  2. Simplified Risk Management. DriveWealth helps ensure customers – and partner firms – don’t end up in a challenging situation. With a built-in Options Approval Matrix, Pre-Trade Checks and automated Expiration Day Liquidation process, DriveWealth has its partners covered.
  3. Regulatory Reporting. DriveWealth manages a range of US regulatory reporting for partners, so they can focus on user adoption and growth.

“We will collaborate with you throughout the full lifecycle of enabling options trading for your customers, from product design, operations, to compliance,” said Cortright. “We are committed to helping you succeed.”

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