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Paramount Completes Acquisition of ATM Company with the Assistance of Tremont Capital Group

Paramount Management Group is pleased to announce another successful acquisition in the ATM Industry, adding to its long list of profitable partnerships over the last few years.

Boston-based Tremont Capital Group, Inc, a firm that specializes in providing strategy consulting, and merger and acquisition advisory services to the ATM industry, facilitated the deal for the seller.

“While most businesses have entered into a period of uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Paramount remains a financially strong organization and firmly believes in the opportunities that continue to exist in the ATM industry,” Jorge Fernandez, Chief Development and Marketing officer for Paramount said. “This investment is a testament of our continued commitment to the industry and its future.”

“This transaction was a great fit and outcome for both sides, as well as their customers,” said Sam M. Ditzion, CEO of Tremont Capital Group.

The name of the company and the terms of the agreement are not being disclosed at the moment due to certain confidentiality terms in place at the time of the completion of the transaction.


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