Saturday, June 15, 2024

Orvium Recognised as Standard Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services Partner Network

Orvium, the first decentralized social platform for scientific collaboration, funding and publications management based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, has today announced that it has been recognised as a Standard Technology Partner of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, enabling the organisation to provide software solutions that are integrated with the AWS Cloud. The AWS Partner Network helps companies with marketing, promotion, funding, and technical support, while providing a unique platform for networking with potential customers and partner institutions. The announcement comes as Orvium launches an early stage edition of its platform, a significant milestone in its mission to streamline the academic review and publishing process.

Orvium Co-Founder, Manuel Martin said, “Today is an important step towards realising Orvium’s goal of enabling open access to academic research and scientific knowledge using groundbreaking blockchain technology, though our work is far from over. Becoming a Standard Technology Partner of the AWS Partner Network is further vindication of our tireless efforts to date, and represents a significant seal of approval from the gold standard in cloud computing services.”

The collaboration with the AWS Partner Network adds momentum to the release of Orvium’s Beta version, which showcases many of the features corresponding to the proposed final version of the open-source platform. The public beta will allow Orvium users to submit their research for publication, work through submission drafts, and keep track of the paper’s lifecycle from research to publication. Additional features include a secure user identification system via email, ORCID or GitHub; a comprehensive user management system consisting of a personal profile, settings, and passwords; and a range of article export options and the potential to integrate external applications. Orvium users will also be able to search the platform for research data and publications relevant to their work.

The platform has been built on the Invenio framework, an open-source technology developed at European CERN, where two of Orvium’s Co-founders, Manuel Martin and Antonio Romero, have spent time contributing to the organisation’s research. The ongoing efforts of the Orvium team are, meanwhile, directly in tune with the vision of the Open Access 2020 initiative, a global strategy geared towards improving the visibility, cost, and speed in the scholarly publishing market while also moving away from the traditional subscription models.

“The public beta showcases our vision of an open-source platform that can facilitate the many positive benefits of scientific research. It illustrates what the final product will look like and represents an innovative step towards the practical implementation of blockchain technology. It also helps us align this vision with our community and we look forward to engaging with them on their experience using the public beta as we move towards our ultimate goal of completing the Orvium platform,” concluded Martin.

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