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O2W Leading Software picks Nordigen as their open banking service provider

O2W Leading Software picks Nordigen as their open banking service provider | Fintech Finance

Ecommerce and custom web development company O2W Leading Software has enlisted the help of open banking expert Nordigen, to help users track their balances and transactions.

O2W is a web development company, creating powerful e-commerce products to help automate processes and create the most effective systems possible. They have a catalogue of solutions designed to enable their customers to have a stronger website and internet presence, through custom web and application development and the creation of online stores.

Their services also include ERP process management, social media management, customer and supplier management, business data and analytics tools, and an electronic invoicing system. Additionally, they provide full integration with messaging and marketing platforms such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

“Our clients are very important to us and we strive to overcome any challenge our customer is faced with. We like to know that our service is as beneficial as possible for the consumer and we want them to feel confident in our expertise and that we provide the best customer user experience. As we love automation and making our clients’ lives easier, Nordigen was the natural choice, as their open banking solution makes manual financial input a thing of the past,” says José Sánchez, CEO of O2W.

Nordigen allows O2W’s clients to connect their bank account to the platform directly and to track all their financial data in one place.

“Improving user experience should be a consistent priority for everyone running an online business. Creating simple, efficient and automated processes is a great way to go about making customers’ lives easier. Open banking has the power to bring this idea to life, by eliminating manual financial input within management software,” explains Rolands Mesters, co-founder and CEO of Nordigen.


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