Saturday, June 22, 2024

Monese declares ‘Europe is Open’ with new advertising campaign

Monese, the banking service that gives people the financial freedom to thrive anywhere, launches its ‘Europe is Open’ campaign today. Monese’s new campaign delivers the message that we all need to ensure ‘Europe is Open’ to everyone, whatever happens with Brexit. The campaign encourages consumers to stay connected, whether they are travelling, working, studying or retiring across the UK and Europe, and this begins with keeping your finances connected.

The new campaign from Monese is also a light-hearted play on Sadiq Khan’s ‘London is Open’ campaign, which was launched by the Mayor in 2016. London is Open aimed to show the world that keeping London open and welcome is a job for everyone, as it is home to a huge variety of nationalities and different cultures.

In October, Monese revealed that 46% of non-UK nationals think opportunities to find work is the best thing about living in the UK.* When asked about their reasons for moving to the UK in the first place, nearly a third (29%) said they wanted a better life for themselves. 24% said they came to the UK to study and then decided to stay.

Monese wants these opportunities to remain open and we should ensure that moving to and working across the UK and Europe, is as accessible as possible.

Norris Koppel, Founder and CEO of Monese, says: “This remains a time of uncertainty here in the UK, across Europe and beyond. We wanted to have our response to this uncertainty and deliver a serious message. That message is, whatever happens, businesses should continue to strive to keep people connected to the rest of Europe.

“At Monese, we are committed to giving people the financial freedom to thrive anywhere. Regardless of Brexit, people will continue to travel the world, study abroad or work in another country. This mobile population will always need to have their finances well connected and also secured. We believe that banking services like ours should be there for them every step of the way, wherever they are within the UK and Europe. Our global approach to banking services makes sure that people and their finances stay connected wherever and whenever they need them.”

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