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Jetty Announces Partnership with Advenir

Jetty Announces Partnership with Advenir | Fintech Finance

Jetty, the financial services company on a mission to make renting a home more affordable and flexible, announced a new partnership with Advenir, a multifamily and single-family real estate investment company. Jetty Deposit, the deposit replacement that dramatically lowers move-in costs by swapping traditional cash security deposits for a low-cost alternative, is now available across Advenir’s entire portfolio of more than 13,000 apartments throughout 44 properties.

Advenir was seeking a solution to attract new renters without any added liability; and while they noticed multifamily communities often marketed move-in concessions to get prospective renters in the door, like a zero dollar security deposit at lease signing, they found a deposit alternative to be the best solution for their portfolio of properties. With Jetty Deposit, Advenir found a balance between helping renters save at move-in without foregoing the protection they needed.

“Jetty Deposit has helped us cut bad debt and convert more leases while giving prospective renters the flexibility to move into their home at a lower cost,” said Joe Mendez, Chief Marketing Officer at Advenir. “It also gives us the comprehensive protection we need to cover lost rent and damages.”

Jetty works with top property managers across the country to increase lease conversion rates, reduce bad debt and streamline operations—thereby increasing net operating income.


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