" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> illimity, the first full digital bank launches the first proptech platform in Italy
Thursday, February 09, 2023
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illimity, the first full digital bank launches the first proptech platform in Italy

illimity Bank S.p.A. (“illimity” or the “Bank”), today presents Quimmo, the Italian prop-tech set up to respond to the needs of both private and institutional buyers and sellers. A latest-generation platform created to simplify the purchase and sale of real estate and cover the entire value chain.

Quimmo is the result of a significant investment made by the illimity Group in technology and the active experience it has gained in real estate brokerage over the past few years. This has already become one of illimity’s key activities and in 2021 alone generated 26 million visits to its portal, 900 thousand registered users and deals involving over 2,000 properties, thanks also to the presence of 200 professionals working in the Group’s central and local structures.

The arrival of Quimmo will enable the offer based on the judicial segment to evolve to a subsequent phase. In this respect, over the next few months the platform also aims to cover, even more completely, the needs of other kinds of sellers – real estate developers, builders, funds, banks, insurance companies and simply families.

Quimmo is setting its sights on a significant growth in volumes in 2022, aiming at 34 million visits, 1.4 million registered users and deals involving more than 3,000 properties.

Quimmo brings the property to the fore and provides clear and complete assistance in order to accompany the buyer and seller throughout the whole process – whatever the proposed method of sale, from online auctions to private deals – and at any stage whatsoever – from the selection of the property through to the purchase.

Homes, offices, commercial and industrial properties have always been fundamental items of life in general and the economy. And in a very wide world the property sales market is worth over 120 billion euro a year, and is undergoing a considerable evolution as far as tools and services are concerned, even if still at a low level of digitalisation. Quimmo has been set up to respond to this need, to make both the buying and selling process more effective and more efficient and provide a contribution to bringing the benefits of digitalisation to this sector too.


Quimmo is a competitive new prop-tech model because it brings together, in one single place, everything that is needed to buy and sell a property, reassembling the existing fragmentation of estate agents, portals and services. It will be possible to have the visibility of the large portals, the assistance of estate agents and digital buying and selling processes led by the data in one single platform.

In addition, Quimmo will also include value-added services, since both the buyer and the seller need assistance in selecting all the professional skills required when buying and selling, such as for example a network of specialists and a network of affiliated notaries. All built into a single interface from start to finish.


Quimmo takes the best in terms of technology, processes and products and combines these with a simple user experience and the ability to accompany the customer, buyer or seller, throughout all the stages of the purchase or the sale, with top quality services and swift, transparent and digital procedures. But not only this. In addition to being able to perform many of its functions automatically, Quimmo also provides the assistance of specialist professionals,
throughout Italy, centrally coordinated and led by a single digital mind.


Quimmo produces the information and depending on the case shares it with buyers and sellers to guide their strategies and decisions.

Private and institutional sellers can access a wealth of data about their potential customers, their properties and their reference market. Sellers are able to know who has visited their property, virtually and physically, who has downloaded documents, who has requested information and who has asked for an appointment to view. They will have access to their dashboard and will have awareness of the path, and they will be able to talk with the professionals to analyse the data gathered and redirect their strategy, in this way speeding up the sales process. Buyers have a personal account in which they can file research and be informed about available opportunities and
those corresponding to their interests.


Quimmo multiplies the possibilities because it enables access to all properties regardless of the reference market, including those often considered too “complicated”, such as the judicial market. Each seller is able to deal with a single market, in which everything is available for sale and not only put in the window. Quimmo has been created to give every seller the possibility of meeting up with every buyer and removing the distance between them.

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