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Global Paytech Ventures Invests in Gibobs’ Disruptive Fintech Platform

Global Paytech Ventures Invests in Gibobs' Disruptive Fintech Platform | Fintech Finance

Global PayTech Ventures (GPT) today announced its recent investment in Gibobs Allbanks whose cutting edge fintech platform is helping consumers, companies and providers of financial services to find their ideal match through the integration of sophisticated technology and personalized human analysis.

The platform is the first of its kind in Europe to bring consumers ‘out of the dark’ in the process of obtaining mortgage financing along with additional services to improve their financial ‘health’. Similar to Credit Karma in the US, Gibobs helps European consumers and companies to understand their financial ability to obtain financing and how to improve it. The platform goes further by assigning personal financial analysts who negotiate on behalf of each of their customers for the most competitive offers for their home financing products, such as mortgages, payment tools and insurance, as well as loans for construction companies, developers and real estate players.

“The superpower here is Gibobs comparative analysis, their ability to help consumers evaluate multiple financial product offerings and choose what’s best for them,” said Javier Perez, founder of Global Paytech Ventures (GPT).

Beginning with Spain’s mortgage market, Gibobs’ platform is systematically disrupting the European financial services market by offering a consumer-focused platform that is both data-driven and human-touch oriented all at once, or ‘bionic’ as Perez described it.


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