Saturday, June 15, 2024

London-Based Meniga Partners With Handelsbanken in Norway To Amplify Digital Banking Experience

Meniga, a leader and pioneer in Personal Finance Management solutions, today announces a partnership with Swedish bank Handelsbanken to enrich its customer engagement in Norway with personalised financial insights. This partnership underscores Handelsbanken’s commitment to driving innovation and redefining the customer experience in the digital age.

This strategic move not only highlights Handelsbanken’s dedication to providing best-in-class digital services for the Norwegian market but also showcases Meniga’s capacity to outperform and deliver superior solutions in the financial technology landscape.

The collaboration marks a significant achievement for Meniga, emphasising its strength and competitiveness in an opportune market.

Raj Soni, CEO of Meniga, comments: “This deal is a significant milestone and further enhances Meniga’s leading position within the financial technology industry. Collaboration with a reputable institution like Handelsbanken is extremely strategic for Meniga. We are excited to contribute to Handelsbanken Norway’s mission of delivering exceptional and proactive financial services to its customers. There was intense competition from major industry players, but Handelsbanken’s decision to partner with Meniga is a clear endorsement of Meniga’s unparalleled reputation, expertise, and visionary approach to finance management and personalised insights solutions.”

Øystein Aulin, Head of Technology & Digital Development at Handelsbanken in Norway, comments: “Choosing Meniga is a strategic step towards enhancing our digital banking services and providing our customers with a more intuitive and personal financial experience. With this partnership, we are excited to elevate our overall customer meetings and provide the same excellent service digitally that customers already receive at a Handelsbanken branch today.”

Strategic priorities from this partnership include:

Elevating Customer Experience: Through Meniga’s cutting-edge solutions, Handelsbanken Norway aims to offer a seamless and enriched digital banking journey, meeting customers both online and in-branch.

Promoting Financial Wellness: Empowering customers with automated tools and actionable insights will facilitate informed financial decisions and improve overall financial health.

Achieving Scalable Growth: Meniga’s scalable solutions ensure that Handelsbanken’s infrastructure is ready to support a substantial increase in customer volume without impacting performance, thereby fostering growth.

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