Sunday, June 16, 2024

Capgemini and Efma launch innovative FinTech portal

Capgemini and Efma today announced the launch of FinTechVisor, an innovative platform designed to bring FinTechs and financial institutions together to collaborate. The FinTechVisor portal offers a world-wide networking and collaborative community for FinTechs and financial institutions to become game-changers by co-creating the future of the financial services industry.

 Innovative FinTechs are already building the foundations of this virtual marketplace by sharing their solutions every day. Launched today at the CCX Forum in London, the portal, which connects financial institutions and FinTechs, will have a feature that allows bankers and insurers to rate FinTechs and comment on their solutions, as well as a “matchmaker-like” personalized function for financial institutions to find a FinTech partner who complements their needs and interests.

“As the financial sector undergoes significant transformation, the vision of the FinTechVisor portal is to create a single point of contact where all players can find their place and be a part of the future,” said William Sullivan, Head of Market Intelligence at Capgemini. “With so many new players offering innovation, traditional financial services organizations need a method to sort through the clutter to find the innovative FinTech partner that is the best match to transform their business.”

The FinTechVisor portal will also soon feature Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program in which ScaleUps[1] are evaluated by Capgemini to earn their qualification as a FinTech, if they meet the characteristics necessary for sustained business success in collaboration with a large corporate. Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program evaluates ScaleUps under four criteria – people, finance, business and technology – with the vision of effective collaboration with a large corporate. Not all FinTechs on the FinTechVisor portal will be eligible to apply for the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification but all FinTechs on the portal have the opportunity to showcase their expertise and solutions to an audience of qualified contacts.

“The future is now, and with the FinTechVisor portal, financial institutions will have easy access to an extensive array of capabilities, bringing more flexibility and innovation to banks,” said Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. “Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program will take the portal’s value one step further as Capgemini has been at the forefront of the FinTech collaborative revolution and has the skills to assess what is viable.”

The new portal will have an in-site messaging feature which allows financial institutions to contact FinTechs through the platform. It also has a FinTech library and will soon house a content hub to showcase current FinTech news and trends, along with stories of successful collaborations.

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