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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Brits would risk their lives to save gadgets – Swinton Insurance

  • Almost a third would rescue their iPads and laptops
  • 10 per cent would not save any of their belongings
  • Other unusual choices include a machine gun and a bust of Napoleon

The British love affair with gadgetry is still going strong, as a third of Brits confess they would rather rescue their technology than precious family heirlooms if their house was on fire.

Hi-tech items such as iPads, mobile phones and smart watches were top of the list for 30 per cent of respondents in a study from Swinton Insurance.

By contrast, only a fifth would rescue sentimental items such as photograph albums, childhood toys and memory boxes.

One in 10 Brits opted for practical essentials such as cash, handbags and passports, whilst a further 10 per cent admitted they would not bother to save any of their belongings.

The results reveal a picture of the nation glued to its phones and tablets, even in a life-threatening inferno. It also reveals our increasing reliance on technology as a way of preserving memories. Hard drives and memory sticks containing photographs and important documents were listed as some of the most valued items for the technology addicts.

Amongst the more unusual responses given by respondents included a set of healing crystals, a match programme from the 1966 World Cup final and a bust of Napoleon.

The top 10 strangest items were:

0b2701aMark Hallam, Head of Products at Swinton Insurance, said: “Whilst it’s not a decision any of us want to be faced with, deciding what you’d save in the event of house fire can be very revealing. It’s often a conflict between valuable, practical and sentimental belongings, as shown by our research.”

“We know that nothing can replace personal belongings and memories. However, having an appropriate level of buildings and contents insurance can go a long way to reducing stress and providing peace of mind in the event of a fire.”

“Whilst many household items are likely to be covered as standard by most contents insurance policies, more valuable items such as smartphones and laptops may require listing separately and an additional premium. It’s crucial that people check their insurance policy to ensure they know exactly what’s covered.”

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