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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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BlockLab Indonesia Successfully Hosts First Ever ​Sharing Session

BlockLab Indonesia successfully hosted its first ever Sharing Session, receiving huge enthusiasm from its attendees. BlockLab Indonesia is a blockchain community that facilitates all who want to deepen their understanding of the blockchain technology.

The Tokoin-sponsored sharing session, taking on the theme of “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Intro to Blockchain”​, ​was held at the Ralali.com office. Great enthusiasm can be seen from the attendees, both from the number of participants which exceeded the target, and how they threw various responses and questions during the “Q&A” session.

BlockLab serves as a platform for people who want to deepen their understanding of the blockchain technology. BlockLab Indonesia’s target audience are entrepreneurs (either small, medium and large), the media, experts and anyone with an interest in blockchain technology.

BlockLab comes with a mission to better educate the public about “What is Blockchain”, its implementation, as well as the benefits provided, in order to establish an in depth and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

In its first ever sharing session, BlockLab Indonesia invited various blockchain and Small Medium Enterprise (SME) experts. One of the experts invited is Mutia Rachmi, Business Development NEM ​from a platform company for blockchain technology.

I am very proud to be one of the speakers in the first BlockLab Indonesia sharing session. In my opinion, events such as this are very good and needed by the Indonesian public, in order for them to better understand, become more open-minded and equipped to face the 4 th industrial revolution that has begun in other countries,” Mutia said.

On this occasion, BlockLab collaborated with NEM, a foundation with a particular focus on enterprise solution. NEM serves a non-profit to educate corporations in terms of Blockchain Protocol. In realizing its commitment to educate the world community, NEM has established the NEM Foundation in Kuala Lumpur.

A similar view was conveyed by Peter Wijaya, Business Partner of Ralali.com. According to him, as a technology that has led the digital industry sector in the 4 th industrial revolution, the understanding about blockchain needs to be further intensified in order to prepare digital start-ups so they do not lag too far behind other countries.

In this case, Ralali.com considers the implementation of blockchain technology can be an option for MSMEs to accelerate their business. Ralali.com also provide a pathway for MSMEs to learn more about blockchain, explore the possibility of implementing blockchain to various business models and assess the position of blockchain in the world market.

BlockLab Indonesia Community Offline Manager, Singgih Akbar Prakoso ​explained that “BlockLab Indonesia committed to educate anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain technology. After seeing the huge enthusiasm from the attendees today, we are planning a follow-up sharing session on today’s topic. However, for the time and place of the session, you will have to check our Instagram account @BlockLab.id. We are also open to Blockchain companies who want to provide further knowledge on Blockchain technology, closed Singgih.

BlockLab Indonesia invites every member of the public to collaborate in facing the 4th Industrial Revolution that has reached Indonesia, so that all levels of society, especially new Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or start-ups that in Indonesia, can better understand blockchain implementations in their business models.


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