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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
City Week 2023

BCT launches cloud network

BCT is taking the cloud to a new level with the launch of its OneCloud network, one of the first cloud gateway services worldwide which provides businesses with secure access to all three leading public cloud solutions – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and IBM SoftLayer – on one network, using a single connection.

BCT is a provider of high performance Virtual Private Networks for medium and large organisations across Australia. Its new OneCloud network offers a gateway to public cloud services for a range of businesses, with a focus on organisations in the financial, legal and healthcare sectors.

BCT Chief Technology Officer Adam Murdoch said the introduction of OneCloud meant organisations were no longer limited to just a single cloud vendor.

“OneCloud gives organisations the ability to leverage each of these three providers as part of the one network. For example, an organisation can have its email server with Microsoft, its storage with Amazon, and specific applications sitting on SoftLayer,” Mr Murdoch said.

OneCloud is also “fit for purpose” – given that each of the major cloud providers have slight product variances suiting different purposes, it allows organisations to allocate specific workloads to where it would be most efficient and effective.

Importantly, unlike other services, OneCloud customer data is not exposed to the internet, providing greater security and completely private connectivity.

“With OneCloud, each customer is given their own private network, which means the data does not traverse the internet at all. Most other services go over the internet, and obviously that is less secure and less reliable,” Mr Murdoch said.

Significantly for the financial services industry, OneCloud is one of only a handful of PCI compliant services, ensuring maximum security when processing payments and handling data.

Organisations which must adhere to regulatory compliance for their cloud data storage, such as those in the financial, health and legal sectors – can rest assured that their data does not leave Australia.

BCT’s team of experts can also help businesses select the right cloud provider for their specific applications.

“BCT can take care of the network part of things. Rather than having to wait to purchase and implement hardware and work on complex architecture, customers simply purchase OneCloud and start consuming those services,” Mr Murdoch said.

Customer support is a priority for BCT, which has a 24/7 network operations centre that manages all networks across Australia, as well as an eight star customer service promise to ensure the highest level of technical and customer support.

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