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Friday, April 19, 2024

ATRONOCOM to make Crypto Staking a Breeze with its Versatile DApp

Crypto staking is an efficient way of making a passive income in the crypto space since the apparent stagnation of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Unlike crypto mining that assumes the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, staking runs by a proof-of-stake (PoS) process that allows investors to place their tokens in digital crypto wallets, use them to validate transactions on Blockchain networks and earn rewards in coins that add value to the assets owned by them. Though an interesting method of generating greater returns which is currently running the market amok, the nascent process is not free from risks and complexities of its own that need immediate addressal.

Taking cue of the occasion, ATRONOCOM, has devised a plan for the first real mobile decentralised application or DApp that would allow its users to understand, establish connections, participate and draw value from the whole concept of decentralized economy. Headquartered in Dubai, ATRONOCOM is a Blockchain and Software Development company that has made a remarkably secure market presence at its very primitive stage. Set out with a vision to make Blockchain-Crypto experience effortless for its investors as well as participants, ATRONOCOM has developed an all-encompassing DApp that provides transparent and secure exchange of information between various parties, access to the results obtained from years of research and development of the technology backing the concept of cryptocurrency and various options and tools to aid staking of coins.

ATRONOCOM adopts simple yet advanced technologies and products that make it easy for every level of users to comprehend and operate. The DApp features a state of the art light node solution for IOS as well as Android operating systems, allowing one to stake coins from anywhere. ATRONOCOM is equipped with banking features like crypto debit card, wallet, exchange and OTC trading for both fiat and virtual currency. The application’s high security messenger ensures that the exchange of information is faster, secure and uncomplicated.

ATRONOCOM registered members would be provided with a personal Virtual Bank Card and access to a variety of other Physical Partner Cards that can be used for various functions within ATRONOCOM ecosystem. The card can be used at around 40 million contact points across the globe. It’s PoS/DPoS process enabled staking options accompanied with elaborate research data made accessible at reasonable prices help a user make easy and informed investments. Other features include P2P encryption VOIP, voice and video calls, audio messages, broadcast functions, emojis and Gifs and a lot more.

ATRONOCOM is a completely decentralised app at the disposal of today’s smartphone era. The company is currently on an investor SAFT-crowdsale to fund and support the development and ultimate launch of the robust platform. The company aims to achieve complete decentralization with a positive user experience and participation. You can learn more about ATRONOCOM from its official website, https://www.atronocom.io/.

ATRONOCOM had, on 24th April, made its presence at the United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) affiliated event PitcherPerfect at Berlin, as one of the companies pitching their ideas for a new, subtle, decentralised tomorrow.

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