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Monday, March 04, 2024

Asset Control Releases ACX – New Market Data Distribution and Discovery Platform

Asset Control, the leader in providing reliable, high-performance systems for financial data management, has announced the launch of ACX – a cloud-deployed data analytics, exploration and processing platform. Created in response to customer demand driven by significant increases in data volumes and rising infrastructure costs, ACX focuses on data discovery and business user enablement.

Built on a NoSQL Cassandra/Spark technology stack and utilizing open source technology components, the platform helps users achieve fast access to data and significant reductions in infrastructure costs. ACX provides an extensive range of accessibility options to enable easy access to data coming from Asset Control’s data mastering solution AC Plus and other data sources.

ACX places a specific focus on business user enablement and self-service by providing easy browser access and enterprise search on the full data set to support users in, for example, traded risk, stress testing, investment support, finance and product control. The platform can be easily integrated into user workflows allowing users to make the most of the data they have either sourced or created . Access options include programmatic access via web services, integration with third-party business intelligence (BI) tools and native integration with languages such as Python and R.

The ACX platform facilitates faster deployment and a significant reduction in costs for users as it limits the need for extra hardware, internal database maintenance and database licensing fees. Through the use of Cassandra and cloud deployment it offers resilience through continuous availability and rapid low cost scalability.

We are really excited about the new technologies we are using to build ACX. They offer a new dimension in performance and user accessibility in financial data management at a time when clients need to deal with growing data volumes and the trend towards business users wanting to self-service“, says Mark Hepsworth, CEO, Asset Control. “ACX provides a highly scalable platform that helps firms streamline their data infrastructure, enables users to improve workflow efficiency and lowers the cost of change”.

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