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Sunday, February 05, 2023
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Allfunds & ConsenSys collaborate to apply Allfunds Blockchain technology beyond the Fund Industry

In February 2021, Allfunds and ConsenSys announced a partnership to combine ConsenSys Quorum with the power of the Allfunds Funds Industry Platform in order to radically streamline the global fund distribution industry by enabling instant, reliable, secure communication among industry actors.

Starting on October 21, 2021, ConsenSys will commercialize Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy, a new commercial offering that makes it possible for enterprises to leverage the innovative privacy features developed for the Allfunds Blockchain platform.

This launch opens the possibility to apply the privacy enhancements beyond the original Allfunds Blockchain Fund Industry use case. Selected consulting firms, as well as technology and blockchain companies have been testing alpha versions of the solution to understand the possibilities created by this new privacy approach, which contributes to the continued development of the Enterprise Ethereum ecosystem.

Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy is a new commercial private transaction management solution that further expands the permissioning and privacy features of the Quorum suite, whilst additionally providing a new privacy model. It is based on patented technology created by Allfunds Blockchain, that is from now on maintained and commercially supported by ConsenSys.

Allfunds Blockchain, the dedicated software company focused on developing solutions not only for Allfunds and its clients, but also for the entire fund Industry, has built a holistic and innovative blockchain platform using its patented technology to transform the fund industry technologically.

Quorum Subscription with Allfunds Privacy solves major concerns about data governance in blockchain ecosystems. Allfunds Blockchain is already collaborating with main industry players around the world to be fully prepared for a non-paper-driven industry.

Rubén Nieto, Managing Director of Allfunds Blockchain, said: “We are very proud about this new milestone. The most important thing in a blockchain initiative is clearly the technology, and having a leading firm inConsenSys when commercializing our technology beyond the Fund Industry is the best example to demonstrate how robust our value proposition is. Helping to solve the main data governance challenges in blockchain networks with this new privacy approach, contributes to the continued development of the Enterprise Ethereum ecosystem”.

Madeline Murray, Product Lead at Consensys Quorum, stated: “Our partnership with Allfunds will further facilitate global blockchain adoption for the industry and enrich the ecosystem with technical innovations suitable for advanced privacy use cases. Privacy is a core element of the ConsenSys Quorum stack and collaborating with industry stakeholders will help produce the most sophisticated blockchain architecture for our partners.”

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