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Cryptocurrencies are here to stay: Why Corporate and Financial Institutions are adopting Crypto

Whether you’re sceptical of the trend or a true believer in its transformational ability, the exponential growth of crypto in 2021 was undeniable. With the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum documenting record-breaking years in terms of their price, trading volume and number of people interacting with crypto apps in general, it is clear that crypto has the potential to be the key building block of our future.

When we fully hone in on the crypto space, we see much more than meets the eye. From the prolific attention gained by NFTs and DeFi applications, calls for greater regulation in the space and more women engaging with crypto in the last 4 years, the crypto space is changing for the better, and we want to help you recognise the important trends emerging in that space and why more and more corporate and financial institutions across the globe, from JP Morgan to MicroStrategy, are adopting cryptocurrencies into their institutional portfolios.

We’re joined by Julian Sawyer from Bitstamp, Stephen Richardson of Fireblocks & Chris Tyrer at Fidelity Investments. Moderated by our own Ali Paterson.


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