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Friday, June 02, 2023

Miha Vidmar Reveals How Long It Will Take for Crypto to Be as Accepted as Fiat Currency

In this video, Miha Vidmar, Chief Product Officer at Bitstamp joins FF News’ Douglas Mackenzie for a virtual discussion about the cultural acceptance of cryptocurrency in the modern day. Miha gives us his insight on how long he thinks it will take for crypto to be accepted on the same level as fiat currency.

“We’re probably not that far out considering that stablecoins will probably make the first move. So, the biggest issue with using crypto as payment is price volatility. So, that’s a gap and the question is do you really want broad crypto to be accepted as payments? It’s just one subset of stablecoins that are really fit for purpose for that and they’re sort of getting there.”

“There’s a lot of payments actually being facilitated already. So, a lot of it is being used for remittance. Globally, it’s not something that we tell clients to use but it’s something that companies might use for moving large transfers around just because they’re actually a lot more price competitive compared to like fiat rails.”

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