Monday, June 24, 2024

Jennifer Bennet Discusses Why Identity Verification Is Crucial In 2023 | FF Salon at Money20/20 Europe

In Amsterdam for Money20/20 Europe 2023, we were joined in the FF Salon by Jennifer Bennett, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales at Trulioo. Trulioo provides a global identity platform that gives you the agility, ease and efficiency to onboard the right customers anywhere in the world, whilst reducing fraud and minimizing costs.

“So many in industries have this obvious issue [of identity verification]. We’re hearing a lot of interest from marketplaces or advertising platforms that really need to verify that the people coming on their platforms are real. Sellers who are selling real products that they have the rights to sell”

“That’s a very complicated problem when you think about some of these businesses that we work with. If a consumer is coming and buying a product and has a horrible experience, well that consumer is never coming back and they’re telling their friends. So, it’s a real trust and safety issue.”

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