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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

With hair as good as hers, how does Nina Mohanty keep her head above water?

Nina Mohanty knows what pressure feels like. And that’s not just from the questions being thrown at her.

The Co-Founder of Bloom Money talks about the challenges of being head honcho, and how communication will get you out of trouble in more ways than one. For those in the driver’s seat, responsibilities like salaries and pension funds can be a huge responsibility, but Nina knows plenty of ways to keep her head above water.

‘There’s a metaphor – if you’re in a pool, doggy paddling, no one is trying to physically pull you under but the pressure is always there adding weight’. Startups will always begin with cool intentions (a bit like relationships) but when things settle in, there’s always the pressure to keep it all ticking along like clockwork.

Supportive investors are always a big help, but the dangers of unrealistic growth from a venture backed startup have taught founders a thing or two about ‘too much too soon’ (Uber anyone?). How do you keep a level head as a founder? And how can communication get you out of trouble? Nina has a few tricks up her sleeve – and it begins with being honest.

FF Salon was filmed at Fintech Week London 2022 and will be making a return at SIBOS in Amsterdam, 10 – 13 October 202 – Look out for us on stand DIS30.

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