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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Payal Raina Reveals The Secret To Customer Retention in Fintech | FF Salon at Money20/20 Europe

At Money20/20 Europe, Payal Raina, Global Head of Marketing at Torstone Technology Limited and also Founder of Fintech B2B Marketing Community, joined us in the FF Salon to engage in a discussion regarding her field of work.

Torstone Technology Limited offers innovative post-trade securities and derivatives processing solutions to financial institutions, empowering them to optimise operational processes and achieve greater efficiency in the capital markets.

The Fintech B2B Marketing Community is a premier industry network that facilitates connections and offers support to marketers in the fintech sector. Its mission is to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and empower members to drive impactful marketing strategies and achieve business success.

“A few years ago, one of the questions and challenges I was thinking about was: How on earth am I going to help my company drive growth, drive new customers, customer acquisition and retention? I started doing research to look for resources, a community, a forum where I can network with my peers and I couldn’t find anyone … Be the change you want to see in the world. And so I thought, ‘Let me take matters into my own hands’.”

“[For Torstone] I am responsible for driving the marketing PR brands. That includes customer acquisition, so I’m responsible from the strategy to execution. It is a fantastic role because, in that role, I get the opportunity to do global marketing because the way you market in the UK and in Amsterdam is very different from how you market in North America or Japan and Hong Kong, so it keeps me excited.”

“One of the things at Tortstone that we are really passionate about is automation. We want to simplify the post-trade operations for our clients.”

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