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Saturday, May 18, 2024

James Bryce-Lind on how all he wants to do is WIN!

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James Bryce-Lind is a winner. Whether its HQ in King’s Cross, or a remote villa in Portugal, fintech never stops, and If you’re serious about innovation, neither should you.

Bryce-Lind is in the salon hot seat to discuss the exciting and fast paced world of start-ups and open banking, and how a strong operational team is the saving grace of every company.

“At this stage, in start-up, it’s not momentum, it’s not the inertia of a big logo that’s getting you business, every inch forward is sheer will of execution.”

“Open banking is a companion… a practical tool for an age-old problem”

James Bryce-Lind, UK Banking Sales Lead, Minna Technologies

James is well acquainted with open banking and the insights it creates for consumers, and as the UK Banking Sales Lead of Minna Technologies, he’s not going to sell anything he wouldn;t use himself.

“My passion for this came from the fact that I found myself in copious amounts of credit debt in my 20s,” he explains. “The way I got out of that was that I printed off my transactions and went through them manually to look at what I was spending my money on. And by identifying that I was spending $300-400 on Deliveroo a month, I saw an opportunity to cut that spending out. Open banking is exactly that.”

The simple way to imagine open banking is as a companion, for every cup of coffee you buy, or night out you stumble into, there is a concise record behind you to ease the shock of your ‘sudden’ decrease in finances. It is a practical tool for an age-old problem.

FF Salon was filmed at Fintech Week London 2022 and will be making a return at SIBOS in Amsterdam, 10 – 13 October 2022 – Look out for us on stand DIS30.

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