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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Defending Financial Frontiers: Don Riddick’s Exclusive Interview on Featurespace’s Mission! | FF Salon at Money20/20 Europe

At the RAI in Amsterdam for the Money20/20 Europe event, Don Riddick, Chief Legal Officer and Company Secretary at Featurespace, joined us in our FF Salon to talk about his role and responsibilities.

Featurespace is an advanced analytics company specialising in fraud and risk management solutions. Their innovative technology leverages machine learning and behavioural analytics to detect and prevent fraudulent activities in real-time, empowering businesses to safeguard their operations and protect against financial risks.

“We have customers in 42 countries, so there’s always someone somewhere. The best part is, if you make everyone around you have fun and be vibrant, then they’re more than willing to help cover until you’re awake and can do it yourself.”

“I did 14 years in IBM in a massive company … About 3 years ago, before I started working for Featurespace, I got into a massive explosion … When I returned from that, the people who visited me and paid attention to me were not the people I expected. I also said to myself: Life is short, you never know what’s going to happen … What is going to be the most fun and interesting things to do, and who are the people? And I said I’m going to work at Featurespace because I want to have fun and I want to do something interesting and life is short.”

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