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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Emily Fallon Reveals How Tyl Is Improving The In-Store Payment Process

In the FF News studio for an exclusive interview, Emily Fallon, Head of Customer Experience & Insight at Tyl by Natwest sits down for a conversation with Douglas Mackenzie about the ways that Tyl is improving the in-store payment process for their partner organisations.

“I’ll touch on the pandemic again. I think we all saw headlines around that time about ‘the death of the high street’ and it was very doom and gloom. I think we can all confidently say now that that hasn’t happened yet. Last year, we published some research to look into that a little bit more just to make sure we were getting ahead of the curve and could support our customers if things in trading change.”

“What we learned was actually it’s just a hybrid model that everyone needs to get more comfortable with. So think about a coffee shop on a high street. They’re still operating, they’re still serving customers in person. So maybe someone goes to Broadway Market on a Saturday, they love the coffee that they get but they don’t live in this area. They google that store a couple of weeks later to look for a shipment of that coffee and boom, they have a website too.”

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