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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Dr. Karolina Najdek – DataArt – MPE 2023

Over at MPE 2023 in Berlin, we caught up with Dr. Karolina Najdek, VP of Strategic Digital Transformation & Innovation at DataArt. DataArt is a global enterprise software development company that helps clients design, build, and support unique custom software to drive their business.

“DataArt is a global software engineering company with over 6,000 people all over the world. We are specialized in customized software engineering. Before we start to work with our customer prospects, we want to discover, what they really need & what they are looking for. So, our approach is very much customer based.”

“The security of payments is becoming more and more important to people, as well as the importance of having a very good payment provider as well. We’re also seeing embedded finance on the rise and as well as the revolution that’s happening in e-commerce. I do strongly believe that we cannot separate payment and transactions in the future.”

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