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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Claire Melling & Brad Carr Discuss What The UK Can Learn From The Australian Model

In this exclusive interview in the FF News studio, Claire Melling, Head of Bank of APIs at NatWest and Brad Carr, Director of NAB, sit down for a joint discussion about the state of the financial services sector in the UK. In this video, Claire & Brad discuss what the UK can learn from other nations such as Australia.

Claire: “I think we can learn from the breadth. The breadth in that data sharing, the going beyond just banking looking at telecoms and energy and utilities and places like that as well. I think the UK has done a really good job with depth, but actually when we start to be able to build out a more holistic view of customers’ portfolios, not just their finances but their lifestyles as well. That’s when we can start to get some really compelling propositions that really help customers to make better decisions based on their data and a holistic view of that.”

Brad: “[Open Data] will give the opportunity to be able for [the customer] to bring their datasets from different places together where new insights can be found and new products and new opportunities can be offered. The one I’m really excited about in Australia is you know, we’ve got a big agenda towards how we achieve carbon neutrality and we do that through forms of being more efficient with energy and more embracing of renewable energy.“

“It’s a difficult challenge to think ‘how do I actually do that in the case of my house?’ for instance. So, the ability to bring your energy and your financial data together is something that we’re really excited about.”

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