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We Are Gretel

Gretel helps financial institutions to rapidly reconnect with gone away and dormant customers and addresses the root cause of disconnection via automated monitoring, ensuring that customers remain connected. It uses cutting edge technology to bring companies and customers together in a digital “hub”, which acts as a one stop shop to support customer reconnection, digital engagement, and the recovery of lost assets. Gretel is part of IntelliTeq, which focusses on helping companies to comply with regulatory challenges around data and governance, while improving outcomes and achieving cost reduction through process digitisation. Gretel has been designed with a particular focus on customer vulnerability, dramatically improving accessibility to the whole financial services industry in the UK. Gretel’s proprietary search and match capability enables customers to identify where they may have become disconnected across any sector of the financial services industry, then helping them to recover their unclaimed entitlements by reconnecting them with their provider. Importantly, membership to the Gretel platform and its use are free; our belief is that customers should be able to locate their assets easily and are entitled to receive all of the value due to them. Duncan Stevens, Tom Simmonds and Ashley Hollands, as the founders of Gretel, have over 60 years of experience in financial services and technology between them. They have run some of the largest financial tracing businesses in the UK, returning over £2.5bn in forgotten and dormant assets to over 1.5m people. They have been directly involved with the Government’s Independent Commission on Dormant Assets in recent years and, in response to the Commission’s recommendations, have built Gretel as a free to use platform for customers, transforming the ease and speed with which the public are able to find their money, regardless of where it is in the financial system.

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