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Salt Edge

Salt Edge specializes in intercommunication and interoperability between FinTech and banks, banks and other banks, as well as banks and loan companies. Being the middleman, we can enrich the aggregated data and bring additional value to our clients. By using machine learning and AI, by analyzing financial data we can do everything from categorization and merchant identification to Health Check APIs, KYC facilitation on top of Aggregation. During the past five years, the company focused on intercommunication and was able to connect and scale the system, for it to become one of the most prominent bank connection networks, having over 3100 connected financial services providers in 60+ countries worldwide. That made it possible for the company’s clients to get instant access and valuable insights into customer financial data. Currently, Salt Edge provides its services to over 50 FinTech companies and startups (Meet Cleo, Chip Financial, Mespo, etc.), banks (BBVA, ING, Societe Generale), and other companies (Exact, BLender, Nimble Accounting). The team is spread out across three offices – Toronto, London, Chisinau and currently consists of 60+ team members – engineers, data scientists, compliance, information security specialists, user experience specialists, as well as marketing and business development managers.